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Journey to the Dark Goddess

Featured image from Wikimedia Creative Commons Share and Share Alike license: Relief of triplicate Hekate. Three female figures framed in aedicula, with high poloi on their heads, dressed in chiton and peplos, holding torches in their hands  Written to Hekate, Goddess of Witchcraft and the Crossroads, penned a few years ago at the onset of my journey out of extremist Christian fundamentalism and onto a road that has had more wonder than I can describe, into a life which I once only dreamed of having. Thank you, Goddess. Weary walk I down an untrod path, the darkening light my only companion, A crossroads approaches in darkness stands a figure, a woman in her prime, stern-visaged, but beautiful, robed in saffron Dark of hair and eyes… she is crowned by the moon and stars two torches she bears, and I know there stands Hekate Daduochos, the torch-bearer of the crossroads....

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The Trouble with Party Politics

You see that there “Unaffiliated” on my voter registration? I got a new one, moving to another city and all. It has pretty much always been there, except for during the 1980 primary elections when I was a Republican, cause I thought Ronnie Rayguns was the total shit.   I am mostly unaffiliated because every time I try and start the American Anarchist Party, it always dissolves into chaos from the word go. No idea why. Anywho. The parties. I have friends, on Facebook and such whom I regard and have respect for, but by the time the election rolls around  they go apeshit for their party and their candidate, even if before the primaries they hated said candidate. Now he, or she is the man/woman for the job. All because that is who the party picked. And rather than use good sense in  throwing their support behind a third party option, however futile, they hit the party and head...

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Trail Trash

Trail Trash Saga of a hike The bane of a hiker Alone I stroll through the glorious park, wondering if life is but a lark, pondering mysteries within and without, this trail, the place where I shed all doubt. When upon said  trail I sadly see, Someone’s garbage left for me… Yeah. A lot of us nature loving solo hikers get that. The glory of being alone with our thoughts and with nature. The feeling of being connected to all that is, then suddenly, there it is. right at our feet, or better yet down there in the rocks at the river’s edge. Yay. The refuse of some human who came to the woods and threw their {Insert stupid bullshit here}. They were either: to wrapped up in the glory of the all and all that they forgot their empty water bottle. In a deep philosophical discussion on {insert fascinating topic here} that they unknowingly drop that snickers bar wrapper. They just...

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Seeking My Tribe

Seeking My Tribe Tribe Simply put… I don’t have one Oh I am seeking one, Have been for pretty much ever without a hell of a lot of success. You know, that group of people with whom I can identify, The people who would go beyond merely accepting and tolerating my odd self and embrace me,  value me, treasure me, want me to be a part of them, I have in past thought I had found that, but at the end of the day I was always that guy on the outside of every circle. And when I expressed that to those closest they would just say something so asinine that it only highlighted the fact that didn’t get me either, or even care to try. [Insert violin playing “my heart bleeds bright purple piss for you”]. Hey it’s my blog, if I want to hold a pity party for myself and all the guys in my head… I can. Yup, I’m weird Anyhow, this used to bother me a great...

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Letter to Grandma

Letter to my Grandmother Clarcie Paralee Slaughter Wilson Lee Wilson was born in 1864 to Francis and Nancy Ann Slaughter. She and her husband Sam, a for real cowboy who drove cattle on the Chisholm trail, built a home in Burnet, county Texas, a home now located underneath Lake Inks, near Kingsland. She worked as a “bone woman” collecting the desiccated bones of bison and other critters to be ground as fertilizer while Sam rode the long hard trail north to the railroads in Kansas. There on the Colorado river, they raised a large family. An Intro of Sorts I have multiple homes. Who was it that said you can only have one anyway? I can have as many as I want, and they can be as varied as ever I want… so there. I guess the concept “home” defines us on such a primal level most folks can only handle one. I have three, two are geographical and one is a person....

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Hartford I

Hartford A journey through the capitol The unsung city Hartford, Connecticut’s capitol is primarily a work center. A center for insurance and manufacturing. It is also a place of beauty and history. These photos and observations spring from two walks with a friend, one alone, one with a group while she decribed some of the wonders of the city The Lovers The Best of Places River Side Park, Bulkeley Bridge It is mid morning on a sultry August day,  the sounds of traffic on Route 84 above, these two have carved out their own little world, there on the concreted banks of the Connecticut River. A world wherein they are the only inhabitants and every dream is possible. You know the place. I hope you do anyway. It is the best place ever. A Bridge too Far Bulkeley Bridge connects Hartford to East Hartford, first of the big bridges across the Connecticut river was completed in 1908....

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May 17, 2016

Photo of the Day Pond near Pachaug Trail Pair of water falls @ Pachaug State Forest, Voluntown Connecticut Of Singing Muses and Muggy Days Welcome to Tuesday, the day of the war gods. In all, Tuesday’s have just always been awkward for me. Don’t know why. Just Tuesday. Though awkward and often troublesome, Tuesday can be awesome as well. As I write this, in my minds eye, I see the muggy days of summer approaching, sultry and beautiful, bringing the winds of change, the exquisite mornings, and the long, slow evenings that seemingly stretch to infinity before again giving way to another new dawn filled with promise and joy. We who dabble with words understand the concept of Muse. That elusive source from which inspiration caresses the mind like streams of purest vision pouring from Lady Athena’s pitcher. Liquid genius soaking the dry parched mind in a shower of clarity...

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Maple Farm Sanctuary

Saturday Adventures Maple Farm Sanctuary 101 North Ave, Mendon, MA 01756 ? Maple Farm Sanctuary It was a nice day for a ride up to Massachusetts, about an hour and a half, to Maple Farm Sanctuary, a rescue farm with an eclectic collection of critters from geese to a pair of blind llamas, with sheep, goats, chickens, cows and a gaggle of noisy obnoxious geese. And every animal has a story, from the cow that leaped the fence at the slaughterhouse to the geese that were refugees from a traffic accident on I-495 while they were on their way to a slaughterhouse. The story goes the owners switched it from a multi-generation working dairy farm to the 125-acre vegan farm and animal rescue. They did so out of conscience… dairy cows have baby cows, most of whom has a future as meat and meat by-products. The farm is staffed by volunteers and runs predominately on charitable donations....

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May 9, 2016 – Unplugged

What I am reading My own quest to unplug is a philosophical journey about living a life of simplicity, sincerity and passion for something meaningful. Being part of an unplugged community wouldn’t work. Those places have rules. Now get me, rules are well and good and totally needful. Removing your dog shit from sidewalk and grass in the park, and the like. Essential stuff that lubricates the bearings of human interaction. But whenever people get together, you gotta have a thrice-cursed  committee. And the hippie type of community, and they’d have to be to take me, would probably have seven or eight of them with subcommittees for each. Their function is the institution of the SBR, or Stupid Bullshit Rules. I guess in the unplugged community concept could be on the order of “Thou Shalt not plant your peas next to your potatoes.” Because that’s what they did...

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May 3, 2016

Blast from the Past Black Flag Show in Austin This was one of the last hardcore shows I saw in Austin before heading off to the Navy. Wasn’t the craziest night of my life, but it made the top 5. Happy Birthday me. Lets see if anyone who isn’t reminded by Facebook even remembers. Birthday on a Teusday. Having a hard time seeing this end well. Sigh. Web server is messing up again with the images. Gotta fix that. Quote of the Day Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead. Louisa May Alcott What I am reading Waiting for it to come in the post now. Hey, no amazon Prime and it only cost $.01. Not griping. Better Off: Flipping the Switch on Technology Tune of the day Mors Principium Est – Monster in...

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