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About John Atkinson

An “about me” page on a web site about me seems redundant and a bit egotistical. But here it is. While the bulk of the site is about my health journey, things to help you on your health journey and my travels living minimally-ish in an RV bouncing around the US of A. I am a sum of many parts and here are those other parts.

Even though I can point to a twenty+ year stretch of depressive mental illness, obesity, alcoholism and an almost zombie-esque existence, Iv’e done all sorts of stuff. And even during that time I skilled up across multiple digital disciplines.

About John Atkinson
At Southpoint On The Big Island Of Hawai'i

They call me Mr. Jack...

…of all digital trades. That is a wonderfully incomplete quote. When I hear it, often scoffingly, I cannot help but complete it for the unenlightened. Scoffingly.

The jack of all trades and master of none, is better to have than the master of one.

In this age of overspecialization it pays to be a generalist. Or as I like to call myself, an Arcanist, and dare I say Polymath. I am very good at a spectrum of things, and I do those things with a visual acuity in the “legally blind” spectrum.

I’m not full of myself. I know myself because of decades of internal dialog. Talking to myself about myself and about my thoughts. Thus adding “philosopher” to the list of roles I can fill in a pinch.

And the basics of Moi

MOI. French for me, Hawaiian for King. I like ’em both. Moi Moi. In a way, that internal dialog of mine is unbalanced. As a socially awkward introvert (Meyers-Briggs INFP-T) and (Enneagram Type 9) I have a very difficult time expressing myself in social conversation. I’m eloquent AF talking to myself or someone I know well enough to be in my inner circle. But, in appearance aloof and reserved with people I don’t know.

Small talk is painful and boring. Face it. Unless we just got off the airplane from somewhere else, we know what the weather is. And, nice or not, we don’t find it interesting enough for a conversation unless the sky is literally falling. So in social environments I’m generally the guy at the party who sits quietly observing in a benign, non-creepy fashion and only speaks when spoken to. If the conversation moves to something other than the weather, say, technology, science, health and nutrition, hiking and the outdoors, moral philosophy, esoteric spirituality, personality, Bigfoot, aliens and what not I’ll talk your ear off and listen to you as well.

But you will have to initiate the contact, because small talk, the gateway to deep talk. Not in my vaunted skillset. Yet. It seems like I used to be able to relate to people, but maybe those awful years broke something I haven’t quite fixed yet, and am unsure that I’m not better off just leaving whatever that is broken, because the narcissistic and dogmatic behaviors I see in so many people these days disturbs me greatly. Greatly enough that when I see things and hear or read words I begin to tire of life. And I like life. So I avoid both dogmatic groups of people and the words about the awfulness such people do in the name of their dogma. I avoid them like they are a dreadful disease. Because they are. 

So don’t invite me to your church where some preacher is going to try and force feed me their moralizing or a rally where some politician is going to tell me how I must vote. My social awkward will vanish like fog and I will verbally flay your hide with all the syrupy sweetness of Texas and the South. Religious and political dogmatics of all stripes just stay away. This old dog values the peace with God and zen-level happiness he has achieved above all else, and he bites people who mess with that.

This social weakness doesn’t extend to business/work related engagements. In that. if I have a considered opinion backed with facts you will know it. If I think that your opinion is stupid and that you are an idiot… I might let you know that as well, because sometime the submarine sailor who has zero tolerance for cake-eating morons comes out without warning. That’s why it’s good that I am self-employed. Yes. I do call myself an idiot. Frequently. Even fired myself just yesterday for being an idiot. I demanded a higher salary before I return to work. Still haven’t figured out how that’s going to roll out. 

The Many Roles of Me

This brings us to the spectrum of self with each role a currently or have filled in some detail. complete with the thoughts and ideas regarding each role and how it could have been done better in the case of the roles past and gone but not forgotten.

Honesty and authenticity is my game here. Not every description of everything I am or became and then discarded or moved on from is here or will eventually find its way here in this bit of critical auto-biography. 

INFP Enneagram 9 – It’s Hard To Be Me
Narrow Leaf Blue-Eyed Grass
INFP Enneagram Type 9 Personality - Okay that's a mouthful, I still look at Meyers-Briggs, and other personality-type indicator tests as witchcraft masquerading about in a lab coat, but I can't deny the accuracy of the results. INFJ is what I tested as seven years ago. Did anything change? What? Or was the first test off?
We were Submariners once, and young – Part 1: Boot to Boat
Submarine Refit Site One, Holy Loch, Scotland
From 1982 to 1986 I served in the United States Navy as a Fire Control Electronics Technician on the Blue crew of the nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine USS Nathanael Greene, SSBN 636. One of the original 41 for freedom boats during the cold war.
The Blind Photographer
Most people who meet me or see my web site and social media posts don't realize I'm blind. As the blind photographer I take such awesome pictures people think I see just fine. I don't. Blind, in the legal definition is anyone with a corrected visual acuity of 20/200 or less and/or a field of view of 20 degrees or less.

And the things I do

Some of these roles are still active. So if anybody surfing through wants to hire me into any of those roles you won’t regret it if our paths cross and go the same direction for a bit.  I won’t come sit in your building and let you lord over me and my time for lucre, but I can and will be willing to see if I can help you in those areas where a role may fill a need in exchange for fair and reasonable recompense. Remember “The jack of all trades and master of none, is better to have than the master of one.” 

Everybody needs an Arcanist. Here, have a resume on me for free! [PDF Download] 

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Blueberry Superfood Glue
Blueberry Glue is a great quick power breakfast that is nutritionally balanced with 22 grams of protein and 13 grams of fiber from yogurt, blueberries and superfood goodness.
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Upper Hop River Trail
Which doesn't go by the Hop River. That's on the other side. Heavily Trafficked rail trail running from Manchester to Willimantic.
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Valley Falls Vernon CT
Valley Falls is a municipal park in Vernon Connecticut with great hiking trails along both sides of a river.
Wildflowers of Buckingham Reservoir
Buckingham Reservoir
This hike was an exploration of wildflowers at Buckingham Reservoir in South Glastonbury Connecticut in June of 2017. Numerous species of flowers could be seen.
John Atkinson
John Atkinson