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Sometimes art doesn't come visually alone. It comes with stuff. In this case a poem. My poetry can be kind of dark. I see a different world than a lot of people see and sometimes this is how it comes out.
Last Modified: March 16, 2024

Lost / Herdscape

Sometimes art doesn’t come visually alone. It comes with stuff. and it isn’t always happy trees and laughing rivers. In this case a poem. My poetry can be kind of dark. I see a different world than a lot of people see and sometimes this is how it comes out. A friend came up to me and asked, after being truly appreciative of my other art, asking what this one is.  “It’s people”.  I had no idea what to say. or how to express what went into both without throwing huge downer into a social experience, which are difficult enough for this introvert without the hard truths perceived in head and soul. Other friends don’t really appreciate it preferring to keep their eyes on the rosy side of things. Whatever works. If looking outside and seeing the dawn of a new day helps you through it yay. I keep my head in a positive space as well in most things. 

That means letting stuff out now and then. Some truths however, are undeniable: combative, theatrical politics focusing on trivialities and emotional hot-buttons while the world burns: a propagandized, distracted, mostly armed, easily manipulated population split into factions verging on violent aggression, global corporatism creating whole new slave classes while centralizing wealth and power into very few hands, environment on the edge of collapse, economic hardship for most,  a new, unpredictable technology that has every possibility of going rogue while devastating the job markets with no safety net for anyone even being discussed at the legislative level, a looming war with every possibility of a nuclear exchange…and all the discussion at the legislative level on that seems to be “lets escalate this thing so we can sell some more bombs.” There’s no dawn. It’s fucking midnight. No sun in sight. And sometimes somebody needs to say that. It’s what it is. Plan accordingly. Your government isn’t. Smart plans include Jesus. That’s legit. Hey, I am a science guy. But sometimes faith is the only way to fly when science is short on answers, and the people who could do something with answers to address actual problems have their head stuck up some billionaire’s ass. And that, folks, is the state of the union.


There is a spirit in the Land
That wants to take us by the hand
And lead us where it wants to go
With thoughts to share and things to know

Come come look right over here
Some sights to see, Some things to fear
Don’t you worry here’s some fun
Just buy yourself another gun

And let’s go quickly through this gate
And find the folks we need to hate
And on the way a little greed
It’s the path to feed our need

Chaos mayhem misdirection
the cure is In this next election
Feeling bored and need distraction
Just swipe right and get some action

Look around, ain’t life groovy
Here we go, a brand new movie
And if we want some new obscene
Watch a war right on our screen.

And if all this don’t lift the gloom,
The answer is consume consume.
Boredom war-dom, Spiritual whoredoms
Get in while the getting’s good.

Just don’t stop to pause and ponder
Or take a time to wait and wonder
Where this goes and where it ends
Or what’s the meaning of this sin.

Herdscape - White Charcoal On Black Paper
Herdscape - White Charcoal On Black Paper

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