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A poem about living life with an eye to becoming love. As told by a river.
Last Modified: May 27, 2023

Walking Wonder

Walking Wonder, where’s the sun?
Misty Morning, Day’s begun.
By a river, fast and wide,
Wander ponder silent strides

Stillness solitude watery sounds,
Thought flows inward outward bound.
Such contradictions I do see,
Endless threads inside of me. 

The me that was and is arrayed,
for the me to come in hope displayed,
While the river makes sounds of love and life,
of happiness and joy, and war and of strife.

My thoughts flow on with each gurgling breath,
of wonder and love and sorrow and death
To love the minds wander does ever revolve,
It’s glory a mystery to seek and solve.

Walking Wonder, here comes the sun,
Bright sunny morning, the river does run
its voice gurgling clearly to this waking one,
That love is a light that one can become.

Misty River

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