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Gratitude Ebook

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The Gratitude eBook will help you develop a daily practice of gratitude. Being grateful can can help you refocus the spiritual, emotional and social aspects of your life.  Practicing being grateful will result in an increase in your well-being that will propagate throughout all the aspects of your life.

  • Being grateful is more than an action. It is a mindset that is the author of many actions in adding to the positivity in the world.
  • Gratitude is an emotional outlook that affects your responses to negative people and situations.
  • Gratitude is spiritually defining. Being grateful to the creator, universe, the Source, whatever makes one’s soul sing, for the gift of being and all that that is.
  • Gratitude is an esoteric concept wanting physical manifestation.
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My Journey from Fat to Fit

Part 1: Long Story Short
From June 2014 to June 2016 I went from 290 lbs to 180 lbs, seven medications to no medications, and sedentary hermit life to the lifestyle and activities of my dreams. Here’s the story (gloss overview).
Part 2: Fat, Sick & Triggered
Rocky Neck State Park
June 2014 was when my journey towards health started in earnest following a series of awareness triggers. Triggers that led me in a direction of whole-self, or holistic, transformation where weight loss became the happy side effect of overall wellness gain.
Part 3: Dietary Mythos
I stepped off prepared with everything I knew about diet and exercise. Which is to say, Not much and much wrong. Starting with all fat is bad and a calorie is a calorie. I began to chart a course away from dietary fictions.
Part 4: Went For a Walk And Never Came Back
Trail In Salmon River Sf
I slipped out the door, for a short little walk. All by myself, there was no need to talk, the power of silence, the sound of the wind, in the absence of people, to follow my whims. And so I walked onward, day after day, and slowly my sickness just melted away. JA
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Healthy Eats
Blueberry Superfood Glue
Blueberry Glue is a great quick power breakfast that is nutritionally balanced with 22 grams of protein and 13 grams of fiber from yogurt, blueberries and superfood goodness.
Hiking Trails
Upper Hop River Trail
Which doesn't go by the Hop River. That's on the other side. Heavily Trafficked rail trail running from Manchester to Willimantic.
Valley Falls Town Park
Valley Falls Vernon CT
Valley Falls is a municipal park in Vernon Connecticut with great hiking trails along both sides of a river.
Wildflowers of Buckingham Reservoir
Buckingham Reservoir
This hike was an exploration of wildflowers at Buckingham Reservoir in South Glastonbury Connecticut in June of 2017. Numerous species of flowers could be seen.
John Atkinson
John Atkinson