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At the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, you'll visit an impressive museum housing an extraordinary collection of over 100 aircraft and thousands of artifacts, spanning from early aviation experimental contraptions to modern marvels of aerospace technology. Highlights include meticulously restored warplanes, commercial aircraft, helicopters, and rare experimental models. I have been to a number of Air Museums, this tops them all so far.
Last Modified: June 19, 2023

Exploring the Rich History of Aviation at New England Air Museum

EWho doesn’t love airplanes? Well, that’s precisely what awaits at the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, CT. This treasure trove of over a hundred meticulously restored aircraft and aviation history brings to life the remarkable journey of human flight.

These pictures are from a visit in July 2019, so see the link I’ll provide at the bottom of the page for current museum information.


2022 11 15
New England Air Museum

I am a little bit bummed because the original photos are on a hard drive that died. So the se are the photos processed five years ago to share on social media. I could see better then so they might look better than newer photos that I have been taking. LOL

Anyway. Who doesn’t love an air museum. I love airplanes that are on the ground. Not so much being up in them but they’re great on the ground. And this museum has lots of fine examples of Aviation design and history. And I like it because they’re honest. They just called themselves an air museum. Not an Air and Space Museum. Do you know how many Air and Space Museums I’ve been to that had plenty of air and no space? Moving along.

Three hangers filled with awesome

The museum features three awe-inspiring hangars, each packed to the brim with pieces of aviation history, that tell tales of yesteryears. With over a hundred aircraft on display, as well as other bits and pieces of aviation history. In these hangers you’ll find aircraft dating back to the beginning of Aviation. With great and unique examples ranging from private and Commercial aircraft to military aircraft. All beautifully restored and in pristine condition. There are also a number of educational interactive exhibits that make this a great place to bring your children to learn about how airplanes work and about the rich history of Aviation.


Fokker Triplane Like That Use By Manfred Von Richthofen The &Quot;Red Baron&Quot;
Fokker Triplane Like That Use By Manfred Von Richthofen The "Red Baron"
B29 Superfortress, Like The One That Dropped The Atomic Bomb
B29 Superfortress, Like The One That Dropped The Atomic Bomb

Unique Exhibits of the New England Air Museum

The museum boasts unique exhibits that cover all aspects of aviation. Are you into WWII-era bombers? There is a pristine Boeing B-29 Super Fortress and a North American  B25H Mitchell. Intrigued by quirky experimental helicopters? There is Sikorsky XH-39. Perhaps the supersonic North American F-100A Super Sabre tickles your fancy? They have that too. Add to this a number of propeller driven and jet engine military aircraft and replicas ranging from the first World War through to the modern era.

The exhibits aren’t restricted to military aircraft. Connecticut is home to both Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, a major helicopter manufacturer and also Pratt & Whitney a company with a long history in pioneering Aviation. So as you would expect the displays feature a lot of the products produced by both companies. With a number of experimental and test aircraft that you won’t find in other museums. 

2022 11 1533
Racing Plane With A Pratt And Whitney Twin Wasp Engine, Oe Of The Most Powerfull And Efficient Engines Of The 1930S
2022 11 1516
P51 Mustang In Racing Configuration

Interactive exhibits to Inspire Future Generations

However, the New England Air Museum isn’t just a static collection of aircraft. It offers hands-on exhibits designed to stimulate the curiosity of young minds. From learning about the principles of flight via the Flight Science Demonstrator to trying their hand at piloting in the Virtual Flight Center, children are immersed in a world of discovery. 

The inspiration doesn’t stop there. The museum also hosts numerous educational programs and a summer camp. It’s about igniting sparks of fascination, and potentially, nurturing future pilots. And not just pilots, people specializing in avionics, jet engine mechanics, aircraft hydraulic and electrical systems. 

2022 11 1535
Nose Art On The B-29 Superfortress
2022 11 1522
Nose Art On An I Don't Know

Special Collections: Honoring Heroes and Pioneers

NEAM has more the aircraft and educational displays, the museum houses special collections dedicated to the heroes of the sky, many of them local to central Connecticut. These include tributes to the 58th Bomb Wing of WWII and the 57th Fighter Group, along with an exhibit celebrating early female aviators who defied norms in a male-dominated field. It’s a tribute to the those who not only flew these planes but also helped revolutionize the course of aviation.

2022 11 1534
Iver Johnson's Arms &Amp; Cycle Works
2022 11 15
Museum Entrance


If you are ever in the Hartford area it is certainly worth a visit. Expect to spend three or four hours there or maybe more depending on if you’re a plaque reader or not. Entry is $21.00, $17.00 for seniors.

Make sure you check out the link to the museum web site, as they are always adding new exhibits and have an ongoing schedule of programs and events.

Enjoy Connecticut!

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It was full of great airplanes. Other than that? Hey, 5 years ago. All I rememnber is that it was awesome

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