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The Writings Of Me

Sharing is a super-nice thing to do

Writing is therapy. These Essays, Short Stories and Novellas represents part of my journey to emotional and spiritual health. It is a thought pad for my wildest questions and speculations, and now, for the first time EVER, I'm gonna share this madness with all of you good folks. INFP Personality Alert: It could get weird here. The INFP mind is a very strange, sometimes entrancing, often bizarre, sometimes dark and awful, always strange, never boring place.

Writing is Therapy

Yes it is. It allows me to empty out my soul onto paper. Of course this is a blog. So writing is everywhere. But creative free form writing is where the magic is at for me. Where the energy is, where the growth happens. So, enjoy the meanderings fellow wanderer should you find yourself here and stay a bit.

Conversations with the Cosmos: The Dream of Monkey Book 1

The Dream Of Monkey
The Dream Of Monkey

A Novella that begins with the words “What if a storm was coming? What if the only road to salvation ran straight through each other’s heart?”

This is a stream-of-consciousness story with the primary character’s experiences and personality derived from my own. It follows a path that in my mind anyway, began with Joan Osborne’s 1995 “One of Us”  but goes far afield in into encounters with God, and the questions and answers that might come in the form of a series of dreams that view difficult topics through the lens of love. It is the first of what will be many explorations into the nature of Love as a motive, tangible force that shifts reality, and it’s counterpart. antilove, though I have another word for it. I am saving that. Note this is speculative fiction/fantasy with philosophical underpinnings. Not an attempt to explain reality, physical, spiritual, or otherwise. Though the coming darkness? That is absolutely real. And Love may actually be our only path through it. It’s rough needs polishing. We know this. What it will eventually become is uncertain. What it is is available.