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Wildflowers of Buckingham Reservoir

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This hike was an exploration of wildflowers at Buckingham Reservoir in South Glastonbury Connecticut in June of 2017. Numerous species of flowers could be seen.
Last Modified: January 6, 2023

Hiking among wildflowers

Buckingham Reservoir is one of my favorite hiking places in the Manchester, Connecticut area. There are abundant (un blazed) trails that you can get lost in.

Seriously. Local first responders train at finding people who get lost up in there. People take the very well trafficked trails up Case Mountain, then the very not trafficed ones down the other side and there ya go. Big are to get lost in. Which I deliberately do often.

This sunny day in June of 2017 I was on a mission for photographing wild flowers. Saw over a dozen species. 

Buckingham Reservoir
Buckingham Reservoir

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