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Valley Falls is a municipal park in Vernon Connecticut with great hiking trails along both sides of a river.
Last Modified: January 6, 2023

On Kindness Stones

Valley Falls is this great little municipal park maintained by the Vernon, Connecticut Parks and Rec Dept.  We took a short hike here December 11, 2020 with Aby. 

One of the great things about Valley Falls is the trails, and the fact that those trails connect into so many other trails, including the Hop River Rail Trail that loops around from the center of Manchester through Vernon and Bolton, then down to Windham. 

On the artsy kindness stones folks leave about. There is controversy in the hiking community about these things. Some people love them. Others hate them and view them as litter. 

Myself, I fall on the side of Leave No Trace. Brightly painted rocks, being a trace, and possible pollutant. Rather than just be a trail nazi about it though I do consider the happy value and have come to a conclusion that these things are appropriate in locations such as Valley Falls. A well trafficked, municipally maintained park. 

Three miles back on the blue trail? Not so much. 

Christmas bulbs hanging from trees? Never appropriate anywhere. I know they are all cute and holiday-reific hanging there in mid December. By mid-January I’ll be fishing one out of a river and cursing to eternal damnation whoever hung garbage from God’s awesome tree. Don’t be that person. Okay I ranted.

Valley Falls Vernon Ct
Kindness Rocks In The Appropriate Setting

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