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Rowdy Creek Ranch Vineyards is part of the new generation of ranch-turned-winery that is beginning to define Texas as a quality wine region with a great tasting shed with food-truck fare revolving around brisket, glamping and more.
Last Modified: January 6, 2023

Harvest Host Stopover For A Night

Harvest Hosts is awesome. I don’t really even want to tell you about them because I don’t want to be trying to get a spot to find one of you in it. But hey, I’m just not that guy. Gotta be helpful you know?

Anyhow, HH is a service that is targeted at RV Travelers looking for an overnight spot between destinations. It’s a membership, but essentially it gives you access to reserve a spot at places such as farms, wineries, breweries, distilleries, attractions and etc. There is no charge, but in most cases there is an expectation of a $20.00 minimum spend at the business. Given the cost and general availability of RV sites that’s a bargain and a half.

Service levels vary, sometimes you have electric, sometimes not. Sometimes water & dump. Sometimes not. 

At Rowdy Creek Ranch Vineyards, in Gilmer, Texas we had the full hookup experience. Which was great since our generator is broke.

Experience Snapshot

Host Amenities:
Rowdy Creek Ranch 10
Best Camp Site Ever. Us, In The Middle Of A Pasture With Electric And Water. All By Ourselves.
Rowdy Creek Ranch 7
This Guy Was Scoping Us Out From Accross The Pasture

Texas, Land of Ranches Vineyards!

Cattle ranching has historically been a huge segment of the Texas economy, but that’s ben changing. As a result many cattle ranches across the state have diversified into other markets to survive, or, as in the case of Rowdy Creek, sold into such use.

This economic switchover has brought areas of the state into focus as wine producing regions, though at this time Texas’ vineyards aren’t able to produce enough grapes to meet the area demand. Therefor many Texas vineyards purchase and import grapes from California and elsewhere to meet the demand. You have to ask around to ensure you are getting Texas Grapes. Rowdy Creek does this as well. Don’t take this practice as negative. Its not. Its just a fact of increasing demand and limited supply. The quality of the product can still be very high, as also was the case with Rowdy Creek Ranch.

The whole experience of staying here was all the way good. Like most similar places, they had a tasting room with live music, dancing and food.

The food was food truck fare revolving around a few brisket dishes. Its Texas, what else is there? They did have a nice charcuterie tray that was a work of at that I did not photograph.

In addition to the tasting room and harvest host, they offer glamping in a series of classic campers that have been artistically rendered and set up underneath sheds.  

Like most such venues they host weddings, retirement and holiday parties, special events etc.


Artistically Rendered Vintage Campers

Rowdy Creek Ranch 43
Tasting Room

A horse is a horse of course of course

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