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Welcome to my world

Of course this site is all about me, John Atkinson. But there is no narcistic intent in it’s crafting. No monetization scheme on its pages. Oh, ok, maybe a teentsy-weensy. I’m human. I like feeling good about myself. I just understand where lines are drawn . The primary intention is to in any way help you, the reader on your own journey. Perhaps my tale is one that can serve as the fat guy trifecta of cautionary tale, warning and inspiration/hope. I would give you the hope that your best life is in reach and all you have to do is work for it.

THis site is about a lot because I do a lot. I live a quasi-minimalist lifestyle of a digital nomad working freelance while traveling about, hanging at our campsite on a lake in Connecticut, or the one in the desert in New Mexico, or the one we get for a month or two in winter on a Lake in Texas. All while juggling a disability (I am legally blind The Blind Photographer, thats me.) 

Kilauea Caldera December 2022
Kilauea Caldera At The Tail End Of The November 2022 Eruption

That was then. This is now. I just got back from from walking about on an erupting volcano. 

Hopefully, this is also an expression of gratitude for the help along the way. From God for empowering, and from those who inspired. Gratitude is where the magic is at. Its one of the major keys that opens doors in a transformational journey. With Love, J.

My Personal Health Journey

I always struggled with body fat. Losing that battle caused me to also have to struggle with diabetes, hypertension and etc. It cost me more than I can account in the form of my eyesight and possibly lifespan. However, I have faith in God’s grace, and that all things led me to right here just so I could tell you my story.

To the end that along with the telling you might be helped or blessed in some small way in your own struggles. I struggled and failed for 32 years. I admit for many of those years I just gave up all struggles and dwelt in depression, sickness and pain of my own creation. 

This is the story of my journey from that state to this. Not only to weight loss and wellness gain, but in growing to a life that I love within a disability that I have adapted to. And the journey isn’t done. It never ends. Everyday better. Its a series so subscribe!

The Road So Far

Part 4: Went For a Walk And Never Came Back
Trail In Salmon River Sf
I slipped out the door, for a short little walk. All by myself, there was no need to talk, the power of silence, the sound of the wind, in the absence of people, to follow my whims. And so I walked onward, day after day, and slowly my sickness just melted away. JA
Part 5: Purposely Mindful Progress
I stepped off prepared with everything I knew about diet and exercise. Which is to say, Not much and much wrong. Starting with all fat is bad and a calorie is a calorie. I began to chart a course away from dietary fictions.

Fat Loss, Nutrition and Healthy Living

Articles on topics related to weight loss, nutrition and health. The intent was for them to be short. That didn’t work. Mea Culpa, mea maxima culpa. Hey, I can’t help myself, I got a lot to say.

Protein and Fat Loss: Prioritizing Protein for Weight Loss
Protein And Fat Loss
If you're looking to lose fat, protein should be your new best friend. Protein and fat loss go hand in hand. Protein is essential for preventing muscle loss, and keeping your metabolism revved up. It's also more filling than carbs or fats, helping you feel satisfied and less likely to overeat. So, whether you're opting for plant-based proteins or lean meats like poultry, pork, or fish. Let's learn more about the different protein sources and how they can help you lose weight and feel your best.
Beyond the Calorie Deficit: Balancing Macros
Balancing Macros
Balancing your macros is an important part of an effective fat loss program. Learn why a calorie deficit and a balanced ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats are key, along with tips for finding the right macro balance to support your goals. Read more for a healthy, sustainable approach to fat loss.
Getting Real With Fat Loss
Went Down, Landed On My Ass, Whacked My Head.
When this picture was taken, I was thinking: "I'm going to slide down, then hop up at the bottom and go trotting off to the next thing." I slid down the slide, missed the timing of planting my feet, landed on my ass and whacked the back of my head against the slide. This is the kind of thing that happens with misaligned realities.

Life on the Road - Travel Journel/Photoblog

Achieving a better state of health was only part of the growth process upon which I embarked. Going places, hiking or at least walking a lot there and taking pictures became my go-to thing.

Its just what I do. Traveling about living in an RV, living minimally. The fly in my ointment is that being blind in the legal sense its really all a bit of a blur. Ok. A lot of a blur.

But I am good at framing a shot. Its a skill and a knack. And when my eye is a few inches away from the picture on a really big screen, it almost looks okay. With my beautiful and wise companion Margaret Webster,  we roll about and do and see stuff. I cannot tell you how profoundly grateful for this woman I am, or imagine how limited my life could be without her.

I have found that being grateful is the key that opens oh so many doors. But I’m human, I forget sometimes. But the journey continues, and I along with it by the grace of God for now. Let me share with you! To the end that maybe someone out there might begin to believe that they too, can have a better life after being trapped in a cage of obesity and illness both physical and mental.

The Big Island of Hawai'i

Spent two weeks off of the beaten path. Well, route 11 is pretty well beaten, it being the ONLY path, but we were off of it in Ocean View. Spent two weeks there in December of 2022, mostly exploring Volcanoes National Park. Hawaii can get under your skin. Aloha ‘aina, or the Love of the Land is for real. There is something absolutely magical about the place and the people. Here’s some things.

Kamaʻāina (The People of the Land)
Puuhonua-O-Hōnaunau (11)
Kama'aina is the Hawaiian word meaning "The people of the Land." The term applies to both the original people who migrated here in double-hulled canoes and those who migrated here recently because the place just captured them in a way you can only experience to know.

South for the winter

Moving south from Connecticut to Texas in the RV for the second time for the winter of 2022-23. Again we will be in Kingsland, Texas for a couple of months. This next time though, instead of returning to Connecticut we will be travelling through the western states, a journey that will get its own category and starting with a December side-trip (not in an RV) to the Big Island of Hawai’i for a first. Hey. Its technically a “Western State.”

Lakengren and the case for sidewalks everywhere
We spent the week of October 17th visiting in a gated community outside of Eaton, Ohio called Lakengren. Built around an awesome 240-acre lake of the same name. It was a great place to walk, and I learned about sidewalks
What About The Cahokia Mounds?
Cahokia is the greatest example of Mississippian Mound Builder culture. This was once a teeming metropolis of 13 0 18 thousand people, about the same population as 13th century London.
Gateway Arch National Park
Visited the Gateway Arch National Park on the way south. This was also my first time in St Louis, Missouri., and didn't get to do any part of SL but that. And it was awesome.

Park & Trail Guides

Upper Hop River Trail
Which doesn't go by the Hop River. That's on the other side. Heavily Trafficked rail trail running from Manchester to Willimantic.
Gillette Castle State Park
Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Gillette Castle State Park has more to offer than the former home of legendary actor William Gillette. Hiking.
Wildflowers of Buckingham Reservoir
Buckingham Reservoir
This hike was an exploration of wildflowers at Buckingham Reservoir in South Glastonbury Connecticut in June of 2017. Numerous species of flowers could be seen.

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Blueberry Superfood Glue
Blueberry Glue is a great quick power breakfast that is nutritionally balanced with 22 grams of protein and 13 grams of fiber from yogurt, blueberries and superfood goodness.
Hiking Trails
Upper Hop River Trail
Which doesn't go by the Hop River. That's on the other side. Heavily Trafficked rail trail running from Manchester to Willimantic.
Valley Falls Town Park
Valley Falls Vernon CT
Valley Falls is a municipal park in Vernon Connecticut with great hiking trails along both sides of a river.
Wildflowers of Buckingham Reservoir
Buckingham Reservoir
This hike was an exploration of wildflowers at Buckingham Reservoir in South Glastonbury Connecticut in June of 2017. Numerous species of flowers could be seen.
John Atkinson
John Atkinson