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And here's a tale of a voggy afternoon at Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island Of Hawai'i at the tail end of the November 2022 Kilauea eruption.
Last Modified: February 13, 2023

One Voggy Afternoon in Hawai'i

The theme of our travels, M and Moi, is part whatever weirdness crosses our path and National Parks. Our trip to Hawai’i was no different. Most of the time there was spent in Volcanoes National Park, which, like such National Parks, is far from civilization.

I’m writing this from an RV Park in Terelingua, TX just outside of Big Bend on the Texas-Mexico border. The nearest Walmart is 114 miles away. Yippie! Out of the way is beauteous.

Vog-Volcanic Venting From Kilauea
Kilauea Caldera From The Overlook

We arrived at the tail-end of the Kilauea Eruption of Nov 2022. at this time the lava flows had pretty much stopped, so I got no happy melted rock picture’s, but we did get VOG, or, Volcanic Gases, Volcano Fog. Just a few remnants of Pele’s breath as she settled back down for a nap. 

We visited the vents in the photos below by one of the caldera overlooks off the road up to the Moana Loa. The road was closed to traffic at this time. These first couple of visits the park open, but not charging visitors and there weren’t many visitors because a number of the park’s attractions were closed. Some of these reopened our second week there to crowds and crowds.

I love the smell of sulfur dioxide, anytime of day.

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