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Salmon River to Day Pond Brook Falls

Four-mile out and back from Comstock Covered Bridge to Day Pond Brook Falls through Salmon River State Forest and Day Pond State Park in Colchester, Connecticut

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Covered Bridge to Waterfall

Its great to sit here browsing the memories of hikes past. Especially summer hikes past sitting here in the cold and gloom of winter, when the great outdoors isn’t beckoning at all.

A favorite place is Day Pond Brook Falls. part of Day Pond State Park in Colchester.

I always hike in from the Comstock covered bridge rather than Day Pond. Hike the slow grade up the south-east bank of the Salmon River up to the top of the ridge, then follow the trail along the flower-carpeted  power line cut until the trail curves back around into the woods and into the waterfall area of Day Pond State Park. 

Its about a four-mile out and back. Recommended in spring when the fals are running well.

Comstock - Quinteeesential New England Covered Bridge

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