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There are special places that touch us in ways that foster and tune our connection to the divine. This is one of mine.
Last Modified: January 6, 2023

Welcome to my church

We live in a world of labels and judgments. We assess people by whatever standards we embrace and then drop them in little boxes that fit our definition of who they are. Then we judge them by the box. It’s what we do. 

My own box? Non-traditional christian with paganish witchy bits. I say fuck. smoke weed and listen to heavy metal. I try to live what is me, rather than a plastic presentation manufactured for effect. My morality is rooted in respect for myself and others and a divine mandate and predisposition to love. We could all spend a little more time at the altar of authenticity, I am thinkin’. 

Believing in Jesus means I also believe everyone should have access to healthcare and the necessities of life, and that it is the collective responsibility of the human tribe to see to that. There you go. A box to put me in. 

But, I would share with you where Christ and I connect. The last time I was here was saddening and enlightening. My prayer stump sat high and dry above a vastly reduced lake bed. It is like a parched place is wet again. Happy Happy. Enlightening because I now know the topography of the bottom. Old school natural philosophy geek + INFJ mystic who sees spiritual significance in every tree, rock, alignment and event.

We are all these unique and uniquely wonderful individuals, and how we touch and connect with God is also unique. I’ve seen and experienced a lot in my walk with Jesus, Some of it I get, Most of it I don’t. Maybe I will someday. Maybe not. Either  way. Gratitude Eternal. I’m on a journey towards that guy I wanna be. Every stop along the way is amazing and wonderful. Love centric. Love of God, Creation, and Pesky People.

Your place might be that building with all those people. That’s awesome provided you don’t leave there and treat people like shit. Here is one of places of connection. 

Gillette Castle Sp Trail 2020 6 Of 13
The Well Used Altar Of The Buckinham Church, Used By More Than Myself.

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