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Personal Note from Me on Your Privacy

The below legalese advises you of the data my site collects in the process of its operation. I strongly encourage you to go down to the lower right corner and click the “Your Privacy Choices” link and select “Reject All”. I don’t personally use your data for anything other than curiosity analytics. I would prefer that Google, Amazon and the United States Government (or any other government or corporation for that matter) doesn’t use your data either. I despise capitalism and what we have done to ourselves, each other, our society and our home world in the name of material greed, profit, and progress towards ends defined by people and corporations who do not have all of our best interests at heart. I will never knowingly sell or transmit your information to any of these people for any purpose. Also note, If you own a web site, You must have the below. MUST. You may get sued if you don’t meet certain privacy and accessibility requirements by ruthless opportunists and/or corrupt state governments. If you need help with this I can hook you up. Hit the general contact link up there and we’ll talk. This legislation is actually a good thing. It allows you to have this option to protect yourself and your information, which will be weaponized against you or used to rob you if you aren’t careful with it. Its sad that we must endure that world, but it is what it is. Love you all! John A.

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Healthy Eats
Blueberry Superfood Glue
Blueberry Glue is a great quick power breakfast that is nutritionally balanced with 22 grams of protein and 13 grams of fiber from yogurt, blueberries and superfood goodness.
Hiking Trails
Upper Hop River Trail
Which doesn't go by the Hop River. That's on the other side. Heavily Trafficked rail trail running from Manchester to Willimantic.
Valley Falls Town Park
Valley Falls Vernon CT
Valley Falls is a municipal park in Vernon Connecticut with great hiking trails along both sides of a river.
Wildflowers of Buckingham Reservoir
Buckingham Reservoir
This hike was an exploration of wildflowers at Buckingham Reservoir in South Glastonbury Connecticut in June of 2017. Numerous species of flowers could be seen.
John Atkinson
John Atkinson