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Yantic Falls/Uncas Leap

Uncas' Leap at Yantic Falls is located in Norwich, Connecticut on the Yantic River. It is accessible via parking nearby, or via the Heritage Trail from downtown.

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Last Modified: December 17, 2020

Here there lept Indians

There is a story that happened here involving a guy named Uncas and his group of first people chasing another guy named Miantonomo and his group of first people jumping over that river from that rock in that picture there. Not everyone made it. Sure we will revisit the story another time.

Back around the turn of the century, I lived a couple of blocks away from this delightful location and have done many photo sessions here. We will come back here often pages as I have photoed here at various times and seasons.

This was from May 2015. Check out Walk Norwich for the Heritage, and other historic walks in Norwich,

Uncas' Leap at Yantic Falls

Monroe St
Norwich, CT 06360

The place from which indians lept.
The place from which indians lept.

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