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Institute for American Indian Studies

Institute for American Indian Studies in Washington, CT is a great, albeit small museum with a great display of artifacts and knowledgeable staff.

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Last Modified: December 20, 2020

Unintented Find on the way to a hike

Sometimes, usually, when we go off with one place and one thing in mind something else jumps in and gets a look see. Such was this fine little museum at the edge of the Steep Rock Preserve, which had been our intended destination. 

The museum is not far from one of the oldest archeological sites in Connecticut, dating back 10,500 years. 

Because of this I expected more in the way of paleoindian artifacts, as that is the period I would find most intriguing. However, such sites are rare. Compounded by the fact that the colonists for the most part gave not the tiniest fraction of a fart about preserving native culture or artifacts. Whether they were ten years or ten thousand old. Its a place worth visiting if you are on the way or way from hiking Steep Rock. 

There is a trail that leads into the preserve from the museum parking area.

Knick-knack shelves?

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