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Herman Covey WMA

Herman Covey Wildlife Management Area in Belchertown was one of those awesome accidental finds in Massachusetts.

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A funny thing happened on the way to walden

My destination was Walden, the place of Thoreau . My route was the Mass Pike. I did not want that to be my route. Tolls, tolls and more tools. 

I had tolled on and off twice by mistake and finally, sitting there I thought about the visitor center, replica Thoreau cabin and decided F-it. Henry probably wouldn’t visit the place.

So I brought up all trails and this place, Herman Covey WMA,  was a mile from where I sat. Got in a four mile hike before noticing the hunters, and that I had on unfortunate clothing colors for a huntiung area in any season. Gotta go back.

Into the Ominous Woods
Into the Ominous Woods

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