Photo of the Day

Pond near Pachaug Trail

Pair of water falls @ Pachaug State Forest, Voluntown Connecticut

Of Singing Muses and Muggy Days

Welcome to Tuesday, the day of the war gods. In all, Tuesday’s have just always been awkward for me. Don’t know why. Just Tuesday. Though awkward and often troublesome, Tuesday can be awesome as well.

As I write this, in my minds eye, I see the muggy days of summer approaching, sultry and beautiful, bringing the winds of change, the exquisite mornings, and the long, slow evenings that seemingly stretch to infinity before again giving way to another new dawn filled with promise and joy.

We who dabble with words understand the concept of Muse. That elusive source from which inspiration caresses the mind like streams of purest vision pouring from Lady Athena’s pitcher. Liquid genius soaking the dry parched mind in a shower of clarity and creativity.

Sing to me o’ muse
sing of days gone,
and days yet to come.

Sing of mystery and magic,
sing of sorrow and tears,
let words like rain flow
down twisted pathways
til’ pristine page doth overflow.

Sing to me o’ muse
of beauty and love
of dark ends and bright begins
Sing o’ muse and tarry not,
Sing o’ muse.

Quote of the Day

“Well, then, my friend… this—the practice of minding one’s own business—when it comes into being in a certain way, is probably justice.”


Tune of the day

George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic