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My own quest to unplug is a philosophical journey about living a life of simplicity, sincerity and passion for something meaningful. Being part of an unplugged community wouldn’t work. Those places have rules. Now get me, rules are well and good and totally needful. Removing your dog shit from sidewalk and grass in the park, and the like. Essential stuff that lubricates the bearings of human interaction.

But whenever people get together, you gotta have a thrice-cursed  committee. And the hippie type of community, and they’d have to be to take me, would probably have seven or eight of them with subcommittees for each.

Their function is the institution of the SBR, or Stupid Bullshit Rules. I guess in the unplugged community concept could be on the order of “Thou Shalt not plant your peas next to your potatoes.” Because that’s what they did at the hippie commune Agnes Millhopper grew up in back in the 1960s. Or some other like bullshit.

But I tell you. I would be there one week maybe, and dear old Agnes will come strolling by and observe my peas and potatoes growing in harmony together, where I deliberately planted then. She will mention it in dear old Agnes fashion. And I will grin disarmingly, nod a few times and throw the horns, which would, in this instance be me throwing something else entirely, but I am a nice man.

Now, in the book, The Mennonite community would be total clash, Mennonites are pretty open and really kind awesomely cool I think. But, the whole pagan mystic witch thing could cause problems every time the neighbors  cow stopped giving milk or the chickens start laying blue eggs or whatever. Which would be about when the pitchforks and torches come out.

And either way that will be the end of the unplugged community adventure, Just the first one wouldn’t involve farm tools and fire.

Um, John. You haven’t actually said anything about the book yet?

Oh, yeah, that is because the “What I’m Reading” section is really the “What Flitters Through My Noggin As I Read What I’m Reading” section, but that would suck as a title and google would hate it.

Besides, isn’t thought the point of reading? The book is good, well written by an engineering type, meaning the dude misses nothing, but with all the community… church… blah blah. I will write a real review someday maybe.

When I have free time after I get fired from the Day Job for some comment or am locked away by whatever alphabet soup agency finds unhappiness in some comment, right after the Evil Sorceress is elected, or maybe right after Loud Obnoxious Rich Guy is elected. Hey, this used to be America… not so sure anymore.

Not that anyone actually reads any of my bullshit. This is therapy for me. I’m just sharing.

Happy Monday. *weakly lifts drooping horns about halfway* \m/


Better Off: Flipping the Switch on Technology

Better Off

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Why should we be in such desperate haste to succeed, and in such desperate enterprises? If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.
 Henry David Thoreau