Saturday Adventures

Maple Farm Sanctuary

101 North Ave, Mendon, MA 01756

Maple Farm Sanctuary

It was a nice day for a ride up to Massachusetts, about an hour and a half, to Maple Farm Sanctuary, a rescue farm with an eclectic collection of critters from geese to a pair of blind llamas, with sheep, goats, chickens, cows and a gaggle of noisy obnoxious geese. And every animal has a story, from the cow that leaped the fence at the slaughterhouse to the geese that were refugees from a traffic accident on I-495 while they were on their way to a slaughterhouse.

The story goes the owners switched it from a multi-generation working dairy farm to the 125-acre vegan farm and animal rescue. They did so out of conscience… dairy cows have baby cows, most of whom has a future as meat and meat by-products.

The farm is staffed by volunteers and runs predominately on charitable donations. We arrived about twenty minutes early for our tour, and were assaulted by honking geese, then visited the cows and llamas while we waited.


Vanilla wants a kiss

Alia and the Goat Selfie

In all it was a peaceful well kept place. It does the heart good o see people giving themselves to help animals, but also sad, because most every animal there was saved from something tragic, and in cases endured neglect and abuse. This picture over-exposed around the dark interior of the shelter. Worked out okay.

BooBoo (White Bull) was neglected in someone;s back yard awaiting being veal. A neighbor help get him rescued. Vanilla (Brownish cow) was a 4H project that the youth couldn’t bear to turn into BBQ


Nice place with kind people doing an awesome thing. Worth the trip.