Featured image from Wikimedia Creative Commons Share and Share Alike license: Relief of triplicate Hekate. Three female figures framed in aedicula, with high poloi on their heads, dressed in chiton and peplos, holding torches in their hands 

Written to Hekate, Goddess of Witchcraft and the Crossroads, penned a few years ago at the onset of my journey out of extremist Christian fundamentalism and onto a road that has had more wonder than I can describe, into a life which I once only dreamed of having. Thank you, Goddess.

Weary walk I down an untrod path,
the darkening light my only companion,
A crossroads approaches
in darkness stands a figure,
a woman in her prime,
stern-visaged, but beautiful,
robed in saffron
Dark of hair and eyes…
she is crowned by the moon and stars
two torches she bears, and I know
there stands Hekate Daduochos,
the torch-bearer of the crossroads.
Trepidation grips my heart
I am drawn inexorably forward into the circle of her light.
As I enter that place where worlds meet
I am trapped by her gaze,
black eyes deeper than night, she frowns
I stand before Hekate Phosphorus, the light bringer
her torches tilt towards me …
Tearing my eyes from her terrifying loveliness I see,
legions of demons encompass me,
formless dark wisps exposed in her illumination
I recoil in horror, at Hekate Brimo,
daughter of night and terror,
Her torches now the consuming fires of hell,
My mind screams
I turn to run
back the way I had come.
then stop, slowly turning to face her
in awe, realizing
the demons are not hers
but mine.
Understanding dawns
I begin to point
one by one
I banish them into the past,
where they belong.

I step,
toward Hekate Chthonia
Dark Guide of the Underworld
Queen of the restless dead,
In her presence
I wither and die.
Another step
I am reborn.
I gaze upon her in wonder and love
in dark eyes, now gentle and welcoming,
I see reflected stars
She smiles, and I see her
Hekate Soteira
Her hand brushes the key that dangles
from the serpent-like cord at her waist
and I feel, rather that see
a gate opening as Hekate Propylaia commands
again two paths lay before
one dark and forbidding
the other lit and beckoning
I smile and step toward it,
I walk on…
beside me, I feel her,
Hekate Propolos, guide, companion