Saturday Adventures

Herman Covey Wildlife Management Area
Belchertown, Massachusetts

Walden Fail

Left around 5:30 AM headed for Concord Massachusetts, birthplace of Transcendentalism.  Wanted to to walk around Walden Pond. It was a good plan. Partway there, I’m thinking about the amenities… Visitor center, gift shop, genuine replica Thoreau’s cabin.

The thought hit. Henry David Thoreau wouldn’t go near the place today. I sat in the parking lot in Palmer, MA, and hit the AllTrails App. and there it was 15 minutes away. Nice Isolated, So isolated the car’s GPS couldn’t find it but Siri had no problem at all.

Made a couple stops, arrived 9-ish. It was overcast and chilly, but the sun was out by around 10:30.The trail was 4.6 miles, with about a 3/4 mile out and back to get to the loop.

4.6 miles | 387 ft | 1.39 hrs moving | total 411 hrs

The portion of the trail that ran along the ridge was asphault paved, but looked to have been done perhaps 30 years ago.

White ?rain? flowers were abundant in patches throughout the lower trail, which was mostly exposed to the sun.

After which it descended into a valley filled with wetlands and small ponds. Waterfowl was kinda scarce, it being hunting season and all.

Too early in the year for much in the way of flowers, the place will probably be amazing in a few weeks. Mainly there were dandelions and the small white flowers that I forget what they are.

The bulk of the trail was flat and wound through the wetlands and conifer forest before a moderate ascent back to the return trail. The lower in many places wasn’t a trail at all, but rather a mowed winding through the bodies of water, likely to facilitate the hunters.

Accidental selfie: Dropped the camera and managed a pretty decent accidental selfie. Didn’t notice it until I got home. Gotta love the little moments.

Okay. So I am not a travel writer, and I don’t really want to be. But it would be a really short blog post if I said: :Yeah, found this here killer trail and walked around talking to God, and listening to what she had to say back, for a few hours. Eh. It was great.

Of course there was the moment recorded for posterity on the left.

Dude, or Dudette if it fits. I get your primal inability to enjoy the forest without killing something. I get it. I hate it, but I get it. I don’t get your leaving your bullshit for me to have to pick up. I will say shame on you because you obviously have none. There you got #3 of my top people peeves that make me want to make life unpleasant for the perpetrators and to convey the message “You Suck.”

  1. People who mistreat other people.
  2. People who mistreat animals
  3. People who mistreat our world.

Please do better.